ICD-10-CM Documentation Readiness Assessment

First Professional Services is equipped with an AHIMA-approved ICD-10 trainer and ICD-10 proficient staff that are prepared to assist your clinic with a successful transition to ICD-10. Providing reliable coding and billing services for a variety of specialties for over 25 years, we are your business partner with the expertise and resources you need to be successful.

CMS has set the new compliance date for mandatory ICD-10 implementation as October 1, 2015- is your clinic ready? We are here to offer you assistance as a physician based clinic in the ICD-10 implementation process. We will assess your current documentation and provide ICD-10 education related to areas of documentation deficiency and significant code changes for your specialty.

What will we do?

  • Work flow analysis of documentation and coding cycle: evaluation of who is involved in the documentation and diagnosis code selection process at your clinic.
  • Review of clinic’s top 25 most commonly reported ICD-9 codes: custom forward map and details regarding new ICD-10-CM codes sets.
  • Review of each provider’s current documentation and diagnosis coding: identification of any documentation deficiencies, and notation of significant diagnosis code concept changes.
  • Assessment of electronic health record usage: evaluation of whether your EHR is being used appropriately, effectively, compliantly, and will meet your ICD-10 needs.
  • Relay of findings to appropriate staff: an onsite session to review findings and offer any necessary ICD-10 coding and documentation education. Our work flow analysis, audit findings, and your input will help us determine who should be present during these education sessions.

Detailed documentation review findings and an in depth summary will be provided prior to onsite delivery. If additional training is desired beyond delivery, we are happy to provide such services.

Tips for keeping your clinic moving forward:

  • Encourage coding staff to dual code as time permits in the months leading up to ICD-10 implementation.
  • Encourage staff to bring documentation deficiencies encountered during the coding process to the providers’ attention.
  • Don’t forget to follow up with the players outside of your clinic. Ensure your vendors are ready (EMR, PM, Clearinghouse). Ask the right questions so you don’t encounter any surprises during go-live.